Jesus Zamarron

San Francisco


Cover Letter


Ø Over seven years of experience working as a Web Designer utilizing the latest tools and programming languages.

Ø Excellent negotiation and coordination skills; successfully able to communicate ideas and implement suggestions from others.

Ø Experience creating websites from the idea phase to completion; equally versed with hard coding and web tools.

Ø Started a 3D Animation and Especial Effects production house (Era Magica Inc.) with branches in Spain and the United States.

Ø Designed numerous graphics, banner ads, website templates, and other promotional materials.

Ø Fluent in English and Spanish.


01/01-; San Francisco, CA

Pres. Art Director/Web Designer

Currently doing freelance work for various clients. Previous clients include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Designed graphics, illustrations, flash pieces, banner ads, website templates, animations, poster art, and other promotional materials.

Environment: Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Image Ready, Debabelizer, Homesite, Sound Edit 16, Streamline, Telnet, Unix, HTML, Javascript, FTP

01/99- EM, Era Magica Inc. Spain & US

Pres. Animator/ Graphic Designer

Developing projects for different media, including: TV, Internet, Video and Film. Environment: 3D Studio Max 4.0, MAYA 4.0, Flash 5.0, Illustrator, Photoshop, Image Ready, Sound Edit 16, Streamline.

07/00-; San Francisco, CA

01/01 Senior Designer/Flash Developer

Worked on the redesign of the website and the show pages. Created content pieces and ads. Built animated Flash commercials to promote the radio shows. Designed the Kids in the Hall

website and numerous feature graphics for the Comedy World brand. Environment: Photoshop, Illustrator, Debabelizer

01/00-; San Francisco, CA

07/00 Senior Designer

Developed and built the video games website. Worked with design team to create and implement graphics and departmental infrastructure. Worked with editors, producers, and marketing group to create different sections of the site. Built promotional graphics and banner ads.

Environment: Photoshop, Image Ready, Illustrator, HTML

01/98-; San Francisco, CA

01/00 Graphic Designer

Created a wide range of mini-sites for the following channels of the CNET Network:,,, and Coordinated with Technical Designers to develop web pages. Designed promotional pieces, ad banners, website templates for various affiliate sites including AOL, NBCi Networks,

Environment: Illustrator, Image Ready, Flash

08/96- E*; San Francisco, CA

12/97 Junior Designer/HTML Developer

Worked on E*TRADE’s first website, and designed new features including the E*TRADE game and media kit. Implemented and maintained E*TRADE Canada and E*TRADE Australia. Worked closely with producers and advertising agency in the elaboration of television commercials.

Environment: HTML programming, Unix, Photoshop, Illustrator

05/95 Academy of Art College; San Francisco, CA

08/96 Assistant Manager

Participated in semester work/study program. Took Photoshop, Illustrator, and graphic design classes to supplement existing knowledge of design.

1992- Complutense University; Almeria, Spain

1994 Junior Designer

Designed collateral work to promote different activities (concerts and conferences) during the Summer courses. Worked with the printing shop to budget and estimate deadlines for all of the projects that were completed. Also promoted New Year’s Eve parties by organizing live music entertainment and designing flyers and posters. Developed an outstanding reputation and the parties were a huge success for four years in a row, attracting six hundred people in the last event.


BFA; Fine and Audio Visual Arts

Complutense University; Almeria, Spain; 1989-1994

CAP; Pedagogical Adaptation Program

University of Almeria, Spain; 1994

Multimedia Studies Program

San Francisco State University; San Francisco, CA

Graphic Design Certificate

University of California Berkeley Extension; Berkeley, CA

Desktop Publishing Program

Media Alliance; San Francisco, CA



Applications: Photoshop (advanced), Illustrator (advanced), Flash (intermediate), Image Ready (advanced), Homesite (advanced), 3D Studio Max (basic), MAYA (intermediate)

Tools: Debabelizer (advanced), Sound Edit 16 (intermediate), Streamline (intermediate), Telnet (advanced), FTP (advanced)

Languages: HTML (advanced), Unix (intermediate), Javascript (intermediate)


Ø Volunteer for the San Francisco Art Commission Gallery, 1995

Ø Volunteer for Asian Art Museum, 1995

Ø Member of SFMOMA

Ø Member of Media Alliance and San Francisco, 1995

Ø Art Shows, 1989 to present